Saturday, February 23, 2008

About six months ago I was looking for something to occupy myself during these hot humid days in Florida. Well, I decided to try Watercolor painting!

I happened to be watching tv one afternoon and was clicking channels,as usual, when I stopped on the PBS channel. There was a program called "Painting with Terry Madden" To make a long story short, thats how I got started in watercolor.

I learned all the basics from that tv show and started painting everything. When I started, I could hardly draw a straight line but I'm getting better as I go along. I'm pretty much at ease now doing watercolor but I know I'll never be a Picasso!

I have a neice named Stephanie Lowe. She is a great sculptor and artist. She is really fantastic at what she does. She is very creative. Needless to say, I use her as my critic. She says I picked it up pretty good for someone who couldn't draw a straight line. She has her studio in California so I have to use e-mail to show her what I've done. It works out pretty good.

I think that what I'm going to do is post my paintings on this blog. What the hell, maybe I can get some good critisism from you. As I post them I will try to explain why I painted that particular picture and how I came to paint it.

As you know from my first post that I am a World War Two buff so needless to say I will probably do a lot about the war and the military. I have a friend whose brother was killed in Vietnam. He was in my garage when I was painting this picture that I have posted here and wanted me to make one for him. He says it will remind him of his brother whenever he looks at it. Well, I painted one for him. You are all welcome to comment on it, good or bad.

You all have a great day and I'll see you next post!

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